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    Look4Sat: Satellite tracker

    Thanks to the huge database provided by Celestrak and SatNOGS you have access to more than 5000 active satellites orbiting Earth. You can search the entire DB by satellite name or by NORAD catnum. Satellite positions and passes are calculated relative to your location. To get reliable info make...
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    [PH0MBER]: An open source infomation grathering & reconnaissance framework!

    PH0MBER is an osint framework, which is one-stop tool for your information gathering and reconnaissance needs It can help you gather information (such as phone numbers, ip address, domain name info, etc.) from various publicly available sources about the target 😉
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    ScrapedIn ↨ OSINT LinkedIn

    This tool assists in performing reconnaissance using the website/API for red team or social engineering engagements. It performs a company specific search to extract a detailed list of employees who work for the target company. Enter the name of the target company and the tool will...
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    OSINT tools and helpers Enjoy
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