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    flipper zero tool kit

    if you have just purchased your flipper zero and you don't know which tools to install, this platform will help you. ;)
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    NMAP alternative tools

    ANGRY IP SCANNER : MASSCAN : NETCAT : UNICORNSCAN : sudo apt install unicorn (linux)
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    OSINT tools and helpers Enjoy
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    Marketing and Design : AI Copywriting, Graphic Design, Video Editing : Text to image AI : Image editing AI : Realistic images from description : Perplexity AI with...
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    reconFTW automates the entire process of reconnaissance for you. It outperforms the work of subdomain enumeration along with various vulnerability checks and obtaining maximum information about your target. reconFTW uses a lot of techniques (passive, bruteforce, permutations, certificate...
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    hi guys i share with you 5 tools for wifi hacking : InSSIDer: is a free tool that displays information about nearby Wi-Fi networks, such as their name, SSID, BSSID, channel, security, power and status. It can also display the location of Wi-Fi networks on a map , you can use this information to...
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    Acquire a Free Temporary Number

    1.- Access this web page: 2.- Log in with the credentials vscguest:vscguest. 3.-. In the center field, select any number with the label "Paid". 4.- click the Load SMS button and use the temporary number in the service you need. you can use this tool for...
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