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Downloader Delphi

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This code provides an example of how to download a file from an FTP server. The code uses the Indy library (version 9 in this case) to make the FTP connection and handle events.

In the `FormCreate` method, a `TidFTP` object is created, and the FTP username, password, and host are set. The `FTP.Connect` method is called to establish a connection with the FTP server. If the connection fails, an exception is raised.

Once the FTP connection is established, the `FTP.ChangeDir` method is called to specify the directory where the file will be downloaded. The `FTP.Get` method is used to download the file, with the `Descargar` variable specifying the name of the file to download, and the `Padescargar` variable specifying where to save it.

After the file is downloaded, the FTP connection is disconnected with `FTP.Disconnect`. The `ShellExecute` function is used to open the downloaded file.

Note that this code is for educational purposes only, and should not be used maliciously. Also note that the Indy library has been updated since the release of version 9, and users should consider upgrading to a newer version for security and performance
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