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SecuritySafe on Social Media Sites II


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Hello guys,

I have wrote this as I have had 5 of you message me with concerns about Facebook security the last few weeks so I will say it here.

sl1nk knows more about this than me but being around him he has taught me a lot about security too.

Facebook is not worth it.Put it this way if you are a deadly cyberpunk wanted by the NSA do not open a FB.If you are a lone hacker who does not know these big 'egotistical' crews who take each other down & #SkidOut daily then if you stay away from them you will be fine.

Do not think for one second that a family FB with pictures on private is safe, as it is not...especially when you use your own twitter hack tag like we caught a certain someone being a failure a month ago....who nearly got took.

Hackers if they want to attack you will find your Facebook first & dox you my TeaMp0isoN brother C0RPS3 taught me that.

So the solution is simple shut them.

If you want any more information ask sl1nk as believe me he knows,so try adding him on FB as it will never happen lol.

Lastly be careful that tweet you tweet on twitter does not get you 25 years right :/

Twitter is screenshotted daily by the FBI & it is, so be careful all my love
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haha you're right, we must be careful with what we add to social networks, when it is published is already accessible information for a lot of people, thanks for sharing
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