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SSI-Scan [SSI injection scanner]


10 yrs. 6 mth. 30 days
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SSI-Scan is a basic PoC tool that helps facilitate the discovery of SSI injection vulnerabilities, a fairly rare and underdocumented code injection vulnerability where Server Side Includes directives are executed without proper validation and may lead to a system compromise or complete server enumeration.

At this point, SSI-Scan tests for injection by sending a POST request encapsulated with a hardcoded payload or through injecting forms specified by the user with a payload and looking for environment variable matches in the page source.

SSI-Scan requires BeautifulSoup4 and mechanize.

Example usage:
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For more information on SSI injection:
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SSI-Scan will be receiving more updates to its functionality.

TnX && Credit: fnordbg

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